Mostly Mozart: Splendour of Vienna

How can we call any music by Mozart or Schubert ‘late’ when both composers died in their 30s? Yet, under Howard Penny’s direction, this compelling program brings you works of fascinating contrast from the adolescence and maturity of two of the greatest composers who ever lived. 

The Magic Flute was Mozart’s last opera to reach the stage. Here, its powerful overture ids partnered with the brooding symphony he composed when he was 17 (famously played during the titles of the film Amadeus). Likewise the astonishingly commanding Third Symphony by the 18-year-old Schubert is contextualised by a haunting arrangement for trombones and tuba of a choral song he composed near the end of his tragically short life, the original text of which begins: ‘Silvery-blue the moonlight falls to earth, and many a beam sinks down into the grave.’

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART The Magic Flute, Overture
Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART Symphony no. 25 in G minor
Franz SCHUBERT Grab und Mond 
Franz SCHUBERT Symphony no. 3 in D major

Howard Penny (ANAM Head of Strings) director/cello
ANAM Orchestra

Howard Penny’s ANAM Faculty position is supported by the Johnson Family Foundation

Presented by ANAM and Melbourne Recital Centre

Season packages available:

4 Concert Package
Standard $168 ($145 Concession)
Book 4 concerts

3 Concert Package
Standard $129 ($108 Concession)
Book 3 concerts


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