ANAM Recital: Liam Freisberg (violin)

As a musician’s instrumental proficiency develops, so too does their artistic taste and temperament. Each ANAM musician’s recital is a snapshot in time - simultaneously summarising their year of training and revealing glimpses of their future selves. What music excites them? What do they want to communicate? How does their art help them understand the world better? Experience the unique and intimate points of view of each musician individually in this recital series. Hear what the next generation of virtuosi have to say, and how.

In 2024 the ANAM Set is back in a special iteration. Musicians in their 3rd year of training present a specially commissioned work as part of their recital program.

From Beethoven to Ysaye to Cheney - violin through the ages

"This program combines works spanning 200 years into a journey through time, finishing with the extreme and monumental Kreutzer sonata by L V Beethoven. Experience the voices of the Violin and how composers use it to move us in completely different ways. All these works demonstrate every aspect of the instrument and stretch the boundaries of imagination and sound.

Everyday that I look at the scores of these works - I discover something new, and the longer I study these pieces, the more I am blown away. It is a joy to be playing this music and I hope I can share it with you all."
- Liam Freisberg

Fritz KREISLER Recitative and Scherzo
Lisa CHENEY Hush (world premiere, commissioned as part of the ANAM Set)
Hans Werner HENZE Serenade for Solo Violin
Eugene YSAYE Sonata for Solo Violin in D minor
Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major Op.47 “Kreutzer”
Liam Freisberg (QLD) violin
Louisa Breen (ANAM Associate Faculty) piano


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