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The ANAM Chamber Music Competition creates conversation, not just the musical conversation between players on stage, but a broader dialogue between performer and listener, between young ANAM musicians and the audience who so passionately support their development. Join us for round two of the competition!

POULENC Sextet for winds and piano op. 100
KODÁLY Serenade for 2 violins and viola op. 12
SHOSTAKOVICH Piano Quintet op. 57
PROKOFIEV Quintet in G minor op. 39
KAPUSTIN Trio for flute, cello and piano op. 86

ANAM Musicians

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“Chamber music is a key feature in the formation of a complete musician. It brings out issues such as communication, diplomacy and hierarchy, and fosters the renewal and development of relationships with our peers. In a chamber ensemble one learns when to stick up for what one believes, when to bend or remain firm, and how to discipline one’s ego while respecting the perspective of others.” - ANAM Artistic Director, Nick Deutsch 

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