Aura Go: Chopin, Preludes to Preludes

Chopin’s Preludes survey every human mood and emotion, and challenge the pianist’s ability to evoke their intimate musical worlds. ANAM alumna Aura Go leads ANAM pianists in their exploration through an adored staple of piano literature.

"The ways in which musicians embody – literally give body to – music in performance is a rich area for creative exploration. It relies on a process of cultivating an extreme sensitivity to impulses and being able to respond to them in a kind of imagination collaboration with the music, the instrument, the performance space, and the audience. In this way, performer, music and audience create the music together, embarking on a shared exploration of these magical in-between spaces over the course of a performance."

– Aura Go

JS BACH Prelude in B minor BWV869 from Well-Tempered Clavier book I
 24 Preludes, op. 28 (1-4)
LISZT Nuages gris
CHOPIN 24 Preludes, op. 28 (5-8)
MESSIAEN Prelude No. 3 Le nombe léger
CHOPIN 24 Preludes, op. 28 (9-12)
R JOHNSON Improvisation (on K Dubnova's Prelude No. 2)
CHOPIN 24 Preludes, op. 28 (13-16)
RACHMAMNINOFF Prelude in B minor op. 32 no. 10
CHOPIN 24 Preludes, op. 28 (17-20)
L BOULANGER Prelude in D major
RAVEL Prélude
CHOPIN 24 Preludes, op. 28 (21-24)

Aura Go director (alumna 2009)
ANAM Pianists

Duration: 75 minutes



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Generously supported by Meredith Baldwin

Photo of Aura Go by Keith Saunders

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