ANAM Recital: Aditya Bhat

As a musician’s instrumental proficiency develops, so too does their artistic taste and temperament. Each ANAM musician’s recital is a snapshot in time - simultaneously summarising their year of training and revealing glimpses of their future selves. What music excites them? What do they want to communicate? How does their art help them understand the world better? Experience the unique and intimate points of view of each musician individually in this recital series. Hear what the next generation of virtuosi have to say, and how.

And, in 2024 the ANAM Set is back in a special iteration. Musicians in their 3rd year of training present a specially commissioned work as part of their recital program.

Disconcerts of large structures

"To disconcert is to throw into confusion.
This programme explores some of the disconcerting phenomena in our lives—how the structures we look to for cohesion (like ideas about progress, growth, or our place in nature) can fall apart.
Victor Arul's eponymous composition interrogates specifically one of the central tenets of Western modernity, that nature itself is inert and unconscious. This perspective has propelled us down the path of ecological crisis that is overwhelming us today. Similarly, Leilei Tian's scurrying, scraping, screaming duo for vibes and guitar—"Melting"—conjures up images of a planet overheating (for the sake of "economic growth"). Kari Watson's "Mx.Mechanica" incessantly repeats itself, the material accruing and glitching until it can no longer be sustained. The mercurial quartet of Luke Paulding delves into Babylonian mythology: the descent of the goddess Ishtar into the underworld, which ends all sexual activity on Earth."
- Aditya Bhat
Leilei TIAN 
Luke PAULDING clothed like birds with wings as garments
Victor ARUL Disconcerts of large structures (world premiere, commissioned as part of the ANAM Set)

Aditya Ryan Bhat (VIC)
Oscar Gillespie (VIC) oboe
Emma John (WA) horn
Sophie Marcheff guitar - guest artist
Isabella Thomas (NZ) trumpet
Peter Neville (ANAM Faculty, Head of Percussion) percussion 

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Concert Program


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