ANAM Musicians return to NGV Australia for a performance curated and inspired by Ron Mueck’s Mass. 

2022 alumna, Lily Bryant responds to Mass through this program, exploring the theme of death as it has been represented in music throughout history, by artists from a range of backgrounds.

Two of Schubert’s most famous and most haunting lieder bookend the program, which takes us through Australian composer Matt Laing’s meditation on nihilism, followed by famous Tudor Anne Boleyn’s morbid final lament as she awaited her execution. The macabre imagery of Australian composer Marlene Radice is followed by Debussy’s deeply beautiful Syrinx, and excerpts from David Lang’s groundbreaking opera Death Speaks, a reimagining of Schubert’s many musical personifications of Death.

This program wanders through musical depictions and impressions of death; explorations of mortality; an artist’s last moments. Spanning hundreds of years of musical development, these works allow us to see (and hear) humanity at its most vulnerable.

SCHUBERT Der Töd und das Mädchen D.531 op. 7 no. 3 (arr. flute and piano)
M LAING Destructive Interference
A BOLEYN O Death, rock me asleep
M RADICE Sawdust, Bone, White Ash and Silk
D LANG Death Speaks
SCHUBERT Der Leiermann D.911 (arr. flute and piano)

Lily Bryant flute (alumna 2022)
Clare Fox (NSW) clarinet
Rachael Kwa (NSW) violin
Oliver Russell (QLD) cello
Ethan McAlister (guest) electric guitar
Alisya Rae (guest) soprano   

Free entry. Bookings not required.


Image credit: Pia Johnson
Presented in partnership with Ian Potter Centre, NGV Australia

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