With a focus on chamber music in 2022, ANAM Musicians have spent months rehearsing and workshopping in their ensembles. This performance not only marks ANAM's return to the Athenaeum stage, but is the culmination of hours and hours of hard work.

BEETHOVEN Sextet op.81b
GADE Octet for strings op.17

Adrian Biemmi (WA) violin
Issac Davis (NSW) cello
Ryan Humphrey
(QLD) horn
Murray Kearney (NSW) viola
Shuhei Lawson (QLD) cello
Noah Lawrence (VIC) cello
Calen Linke (WA) horn
Phoebe Masel (alumna) violin
Natalie Mavridis (NSW) violin
Liam Pilgrim (NSW) violin
Ariel Postmus
(WA) viola
Fiona Qiu (QLD) violin
Donica Tran (ACT) violin
Daniel You (QLD) viola


Presented in partnership with Australian Digital Concert Hall

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