Alpine Symphony (NZ)

Strauss does more than merely depict a day climbing a mountain. He convinces us that we are there. Strolling through alpine meadows, scrabbling up the rockface, standing at the summit. And you’ll be rummaging urgently for your raincoat when the storm breaks. This tremendous piece needs a gigantic orchestra and Giordano Bellincampi and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra are joined by ANAM musicians to help reach the summit.

‘Lontano’ is a musical term meaning ‘play as if from a distance’, and Ligeti’s magical piece comes from other worlds. Bach’s suite is earthbound in the best way. It is human and uncomplicatedly joyous.

LIGETI Lontano
Orchestral Suite No.1
An Alpine Symphony 

Giordano Bellincampi conductor 
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
ANAM Musicians


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