ANAM Recital: Amanda Pang (piano)

WEB_PANG, Amanda

ANAM Recitals enable each musician to make their own personal musical statement, through performance, repertoire and presentation.

Exploring perspectives: Beethoven and Ravel

A feature of this program that I love and that captures my imagination is the difference in the way that Beethoven and Ravel present perspective. Beethoven’s antepenultimate Piano Sonata is personal and introspective. There is a sense that he is looking inward; reflecting on his life and acknowledging his own mortality. On the other hand, Ravel’s Miroirs seems to take inspiration from looking outwardly at nature and the world. The suite comprises of five movements which evoke vivid images and settings: fluttering night moths, birds lost in a dark forest, a boat journeying through the ocean, a jester and Spanish guitars, bells sounding through a valley.

BEETHOVEN Piano Sonata no. 30 in E major op. 109
RAVEL Miroirs

Amanda Pang QLD piano

Please note: this recital was originally scheduled for Monday 7 October at 1pm

Music Discussion Group

Following this Recital, buy a coffee and relax with like-minded ANAM supporters at Emerald Hill Café, 189 Bank St, to discuss the music you have heard.

Photo by Pia Johnson

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