Masterclass: Jagdish Mistry

Jagdish Mistry_credit Manu Theobald_WEB

Jagdish Mistry began violin lessons at the age of eight in Mumbai before moving to England to study at the Yehudi Menuhin School adn then the Guildhall School in London. he has been a member of Ensemble Modern since 1994 and has worked closely with some of the outstanding composers of our time. Recently he has returned to his passion for the string quartet by forming the Isenburg Quartet together with colleagues of the Ensemble Modern. Jagdish Mistry plays on a J.B. Vuillaume violin built in Paris in 1853.

Working with ANAM musicians for two Season Concerts in June, Jagdish takes some time out of the performance schedule to share his expertise with our musicians in this open-lesson masterclass.

Jagdish Mistry violin
ANAM Musicians

Photo by Manu Theobald

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