Masterclass: Isabelle van Keulen

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Hear acclaimed Dutch violinist Isabelle van Keulen work with ANAM Musicians in this open lesson format masterclass.

”Her taut musical intelligence and vivid sound combined with a fine instinct for the tender, searching quality of this music … absolutely magical.” – The Guardian

Since her breakthrough in 1984 winning the Eurovision Young Musician of the Year, a competition that was broadcast all over Europe and watched live on television by millions, Isabelle van Keulen can now look back on many years of musical diversity. Not only is it always vital for her to approach the musical score with honesty and with an extremely consious approach to interpretation, she also strives to communicate with her audiences and musical partners, allowing her to perform in an inspirational, lively and enthusiastic manner.

Isabelle van Keulen violin
ANAM Musicians

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