Mahler 9: for Chamber Orchestra

Gustav Mahler (phot by Moritz Nahr)

Mahler 9 for chamber orchestra?
Sometimes the immense sound of a Mahler symphony can drown the delicacy of the instrumentation, and overwhelm the human scale of the emotional worlds being navigated by the composer. This arrangement, performed by an ensemble of the country’s finest musicians, strips back this most personal of orchestral tone poems to its fundamental elements. And in the extraordinary final pages we experience even more profoundly the fraying threads and raw nerve endings unraveling before us, as they slip one by one from the composer’s failing grasp.

MAHLER (arr. K SIMON) Symphony no. 9 (for chamber orchestra)

Virginia Taylor flute
Nick Deutsch oboe
Philip Arkinstall clarinet
Lyndon Watts bassoon
Andrew Bain horn
Saul Lewis horn
Tristram Williams trumpet
Timothy Young piano
Peter Neville percussion
James Crabb piano accordion
Sophie Rowell violin
Robin Wilson violin
Caroline Henbest viola
Howard Penny cello
Phoebe Russell double bass
Matthew Coorey conductor

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This performance is generously supported by John and Rosemary Macleod

Timothy Young's ANAM position is generously supported by Margaret Johnson

Caroline Henbest's ANAM position is generously supported by Robert Peck AM and Yvonne von Hartel AM, peckvonhartel architects

Image by Moritz Nahr

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Whilst remaining faithful to the composer’s core ideas, colours and orchestration, we also discover - through this rare sound-world - a completely fresh perspective to the music's narrative. - Ensemble Mini
Ensemble Mini is a project-based mini-orchestra, comprised of young players from Germany's best orchestras, who perform big symphonic music in mini ways. Click here to learn more about Ensemble Mini

Watch ensemble mini discuss their mini-mahler project for which they commisioned this chamber orchestra arrangement of Mahler's 9th Symphony by Klaus Simon, the world's leading Mahler arranger. 

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