Gran Partita (Sydney)

Beyond the Town Hall
ANAMs Gran Partita performance with Nick Deutsch tours to Sydney

The Serenade K370a has long been known by its more famous nickname, ‘Gran Partita’, a title not given by Mozart but scribbled on the manuscript by an unknown hand. Essentially meaning ‘big wind symphony’ the title is not inaccurate as the work uses a large ensemble. An impeccable musical achievement, the Serenade includes elaborate movements of symphonic proportions, irresistible dance sections, one of Mozart’s greatest Adagios, and a delectable set of six variations before reaching a rondo finale of fleet-fingered liveliness. It’s been likened to a guided tour through a grand chateau, each room dazzling with splendour, opulence and beauty.

MOZART Serenade no. 10 for winds in B-flat major Gran Partita K361/370a

Nick Deutsch oboe
ANAM Musicians

FUN FACT: Nicknamed the Gran Partita, Mozart’s Serenade in B-flat continues to feature throughout pop culture films and television today (most notably celebrated in the film Amadeus)

Presented in partnership with the Sydney Opera House

The position of ANAM Artistic Director (for Nick Deutsch) is generously supported by Janet Holmes à Court AC

Photo by Pia Johnson

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