Dudu Carmel: Oboe Virtuoso

Dudu Carmel, Solo Oboist with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, is a wild, mercurial personality, famed for his dazzling brilliance and musical daring. With the exception of the Mozart Divertimento, the works which he has selected are re-workings by their composers to feature the oboe as soloist, with Berio’s characteristically theatrical Chemins IV (his gloss on his dizzying oboe Sequenza) teeming with particularly outrageous invention and vertiginous virtuosity.

MOZART Oboe Quintet K406
JOLIVET Serenade for wind quintet
BERIO Chemins IV for oboe and strings
MOZART Divertimento no. 11 in D major K251

Dudu Carmel oboe/director
ANAM Musicians

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“I get a new oboe every year. I am not sentimental about it. I am addicted to the feeling of “opening” a new instrument. Professional oboists get new instruments once every few years, not every year like me.” – Dudu Carmel 

"The best way to analyse and comment on a musical work is to write another one using materials from the original work: a creative exploration of a composition is at the same time an analysis, a commentary and an extension of the original… This is why my Chemins, where I quote, translate, expand and transcribe my Sequenzas for solo instrument, are also the Sequenzas’ best analyses” – Luciano Berio

Dudu Carmel’s ANAM residency is generously supported by Philip and Raie Goodwach



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