ANAM Recital: Lily Bryant (flute)

Lily Bryant - Photo by Pia Johnson

ANAM Recitals are an opportunity for musicians to make their own personal musical statement, through performance, repertoire and presentation, and this year we are pleased to be able to make these happen in some of our musicians' home towns.

Please note space is very limited


A journey through the stylistic influences and evolution of composer and Holocaust victim Erwin Schulhoff.

A composer who is now often relegated into obscurity, Erwin Schulhoff was a prolific artist of his time. He studied with such prestigious composers as Debussy and Dvořák, and produced an output that spanned the influences of jazz, Dadaism and expressionism, but today is often overlooked, as he was one of millions who was imprisoned and perished as a result of the Holocaust. This recital follows the chronological development of his compositional style and celebrates his oft-neglected legacy, featuring works from his earliest influences to his contemporaries who survived the Holocaust, in an attempt to envision what Schulhoff might have created, had his life not been cut short.

DVOŘÁK Sonatina in G major op. 100
DEBUSSY Syrinx for solo flute
SCHULHOFF Flute Sonata
SMIT Sonata for flute and piano

Lily Bryant ACT flute
Anthony Smith piano

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Photo by Pia Johnson

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