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Debussy100 is a 12-month project to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Claude Debussy. Led by a collection of national and international pianists, hear the complete piano and chamber music of Claude Debussy, including 100 titled movements for the keyboard.

Following Claude Debussy’s death on 25 March 1918, his friend Henri Prunières invited ten leading composers to produce a memorial piece, a ‘tombeau’, in his honour. The collection of works provide a fascinating evocation of the sounds in the air in Paris at the time, as well as a demonstration of the esteem in which Debussy, considered by many to be the most influential composer of the twentieth century, was held. In addition to these ten works,  the concert will include Heinz Holliger's Studie über Mehrklänge for solo oboe to accentuate the influence Debussy's music, and his fascination with impressionism, had on music in the modern era. 

HOLLIGER Studie über Mehrklänge for solo oboe
La plainte, au loin, du faune ('Tombeau de Claude Debussy')
ROUSELL L’accueil des muses (‘Tombeau de Claude Debussy’)
MALIPIERO A Claude Debussy
GOOSENS Hommage à Debussy op. 28
RAVEL Sonata for violin and cello
BARTÓK Improvisation on a Hungarian Peasant Song op. 20, no. 7
FALLA Homenaje 
SATIE Trois Mélodies
SCHMITT Tristesse de Pan (‘À la mémoire de Debussy’) from Mirages op. 70
STRAVINSKY Symphonies of Wind Instruments

Nick Deutsch oboe
Timothy Young piano
Richard Mills conductor
ANAM Musicians

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In 1920 musicologist Henri Prunières founded the monthly music journal, La Revue Musicale, with the purpose of engaging with the profound transformations in musical culture of the period, publishing articles with historical perspectives, and serving a pedagogical mission that followed the general trend in France to foster musical knowledge and appreciation. Following the death of Claude Debussy, Prunières created a commemortaive volume of this journal, dedicated to the life and music of Debussy, which included commissioning ten leading composers to create 'tombeaus' (works that honor the memory of a person).  

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