Audition Repertoire - Round 1

Applications for 2020 Professional Performance Program

ROUND 1 – Recorded Audition Requirements

  • Record required works for your instrument in full, including cadenzas, where applicable.
  • Applicants must provide their own piano accompanists for their audition recording.
  • The ANAM panel reserves the right to hear whole or part of any nominated work.

Changes of repertoire cannot always be accommodated once your application has been submitted. If you have any questions regarding repertoire or if you wish to have a work considered for substitution please contact Program Coordinator, Caitlin Reid or Program Manager Lucy Ericson

Final decisions relating to any alterations to set repertoire requirements will be at the discretion of relevant ANAM Faculty and/or the Artistic Director.


  • First movement of a Mozart violin concerto
  • One movement of a concerto after 1800
  • One movement from an unaccompanied sonata or partita by Bach


  • One movement from a classical concerto
  • One movement from a sonata, concerto or show piece
  • Once movement from an unaccompanied suite by Bach


  • Two contrasting movements of a Bach suite
  • One Etude or virtuoso piece
  • First movement of a concerto (non-standard works, or other movement by consultation)


  • Two contrasting movements from a concerto by Vanhal, Bottesini, Koussevitsky or Dittersdorf
  • One or more movements from a work of the candidate’s own choice, from a period other than that of the chosen concerto (non-standard works, or other movement by consultation)


  • One Telemann Fantasy
  • First movement of the Mozart Concerto no. 1, K313


  • First movement, with cadenza, from Mozart Concerto for Oboe in C Major, K314
  • First and second or second and third movement from Schumann Three Romances


  • First movement of Mozart Concerto, K622
  • One movement of another work of candidates own choice


  • First movement from Mozart Concerto, K191 with cadenza
  • One or more movements from a 20th or 21st century work


  • Mozart – Concerto no. 2 K417 1st and 2nd movement OR
  • Mozart – Concerto no. 4 K495 1st and 2nd movement
  • Strauss – Concerto no. 1 op. 11 in E flat (complete)


  • Haydn, J – Concerto for Trumpet in E Flat 1st and 2nd movement (to be performed on a b flat trumpet)
  • A choice of solo piece from either Honneger Intrada or Francaix Sonatine


  • David – Concertino for Trombone no. 4 op. 4, 1st movement
  • One Bordogni Vocal Study of the candidate's choice, at pitch and down one octave
  • Brahms – First Symphony, last movement, letter B to fifteen bars after letter C
  • Orchestral excerpts:
      • Mozart – Tuba Mirum bars 1 through 18 inclusive
      • Rossini – William Tell Bars 92 – 131 inclusive or figure C to 9th Bar D
      • Ravel – Bolero Trombone Solo Only


  • Haydn – The Creation no. 26
  • Schumann Symphony no. 3 – 4th movement (mm. 1 – 18)
  • Strauss Ein Heldenleben – Fig. 51 to two bars after Fig. 56 and three bars before Fig. 62 to nine bars after Fig. 64
  • Lebdev – Concerto no. 1
  • One Borgdoni Vocal Study (tenor book) at pitch and down an octave
  • Wagner Ride of the Valkyries Fig. 6 to three bars after Fig. 7


  • Vaughan Williams, 1st and 2nd movement
  • Orchestral Excerpts:
      • Wagner Ride of the Valkyries
    Bruckner Symphony no. 8 – Finale (mm. 1 – 40)
      • Mahler Symphony no. 1 3rd movement solo
      • Prokofiev Symphony no. 5 1st movement
      • Berlioz Hungarian March


  • Candidates are to prepare four contrasting works of varying styles and periods. As a guide the applicant could consider including;
  • A polyphonic or pre-classical work
  • A study or showpiece
  • A work from the Classical or Romantic period
  • A 21st century work or and original composition or a spontaneous improvisation


  • Marimba – a movement from the Bach solo suites for violin, lute or cello
  • Timpani – one of the following from 8 Pieces for Four Kettledrums, Elliot Carter, Saeta, Improvisation, Caneries, March
  • Snare Drum – Delecluse: Snare Drum Etude no. 5 from 12 Etudes
  • Multi-Percussion – free choice

For more information please contact us on / 03 9645 7911


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