Trusts & Foundations

We extend sincere gratitude to the growing number of charitable trusts and foundations who are partnering with ANAM to expand the scope and ambition of our program, and enable ANAM's musicians to participate fully in the busy schedule of inspiring performance training opportunities.

Andyinc Foundation - ANAM Musician Support Program
Andyinc Foundation is supporting provision of psychologist sessions if required for musicians undertaking the intensive and demanding training program.

Australian Communities Foundation
Support from sub-funds of the Australian Communites Foundation has been used to support ANAM's programs and music training. 

Beleura - The Tallis Trust - ANAMsyndicate support
Support from The Tallis Trust is being directed as part of the ANAMsyndicate program to partially support the training and development of two ANAM musicians.

Bokhara Foundation – The Georgina Grosvenor Scholarship
The Georgina Grosvenor Scholarship is offered each year to provide a violist of outstanding ability with living support so that they may maximise the time that they have available to devote to practice and refining their musical skills. 

Bowness Family Foundation – ANAM Artists Touring and Mentorship Program

The Bowness Family Foundation is supporting the ANAM Artists Touring and Mentorship program, and assisting ANAM in the development of strong venue partnerships and the creation of assets that benefit both regional and metropolitan arts centres in promoting the ANAM Artists program.

Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation
Support from the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation is assisting ANAM in the delivery of the ANAM Associated Artists program, which provides ANAM musicians with access to incredible professional pianists in their practice and performance of solo and chamber repertoire. 

Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation - International Artists Residency Program
Support from the Gross Foundation has allowed ANAM to continue to engage with the most talented and inspiring artists and pedagogues from around the world and bring them to Melbourne to work with our musicians. 

Harold Mitchell Foundation – Musician Support and the Berlin Philharmonic Academy
The Harold Mitchell Foundation directly supports two ANAM musicians, and supports the opportunity for alumnus Riley Skevington to undertake the two-year Berlin Philharmonic Academy program.

Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation - South Melbourne Town Hall development project.
The Hugh D. T. Williamson Foundation is supporting upgrading the seating in the South Melbourne Town Hall, to bring ANAM musicians in more direct connection with their audience.

John T Reid Charitable Trusts - ANAM Artists Touring and Mentorship Program
With the assistance of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, ANAM has established the ANAM Artists and Mentorship program, which allows us to do more work in launching and developing the professional careers of those elite young Australian and New Zealand musicians who have completed their ANAM training and are technically, musically and personally ready to undertake busy – and diverse - performing careers.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
Support from sub-funds of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has been used to support ANAM's programs and music training.

Robert Salzer Foundation – Professional Development and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra Academy

The Robert Salzer Foundation is supporting the Professional Development Program, which provides support for career development, marketing, stagecraft, and other areas important to musicians in developing lasting careers, and support for a group of ANAM musicians to travel to the Mahler Chamber Orchestra Academy in Germany.

Simon Lee Foundation – Musician Support
Support from the Simon Lee Foundation (based in Western Australia) is directly supporting three ANAM musicians as they engage in our intensive professional performance training program. 

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