Beyond the Stage

“The biggest thing injuries change is how you view practice and the relationship with your instrument – you're meant to love what you do - but having pain and negative thoughts makes it really hard to be creative.”
– Hamish Jamieson (cello QLD)

Your gift to ANAM's Beyond the Stage Appeal in 2022 will have enormous impact on Hamish and all our ANAM musicians. 

At ANAM we strive to provide the best in performance and holistic training opportunities and experiences. The Musician Health and Wellbeing Program takes care of the whole musician; it is integral to our vision.

ANAM musicians need your support to receive the best information and support from industry experts in physical and mental health. Your tax-deductible gift to ANAM’s Beyond the Stage Appeal will give a musician much-needed support to build and follow a healthy career pathway. 




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