Nurture a Musician Appeal


“It wasn’t just pain in my arm, it was my hopes and dreams for the future.”
- Noah Lawrence (cello VIC)

 Most musicians will experience problems needing professional support and education during their training and professional lives. ANAM recognises its responsibility to realise their individual musical potential and safeguard their mental and physical health. We achieve this through the ANAM Health and Wellbeing program.

By donating to the Nurture a Musician Appeal, you can ensure ANAM musicians don’t experience such mental and physical pain and – if it does arise – you can give them the skills to manage the challenges.

Your donation ensures each musician has access to:

Physical health training: Experts share strategies to build and maintain physical health in group and individual sessions.

Mental health support: Psychologists and industry experts deliver sessions in perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and individual psychological support.

Targeted career resources: Including how to manage a professional career, grant writing, Q&A sessions with their professional colleagues during side-by-side projects.

Nutritional guidance: Specialist advice to understand the importance of nutrition and sleep for optimum performance in their highly competitive field.

Stress management: Empowering our musicians to deal with a range of issues such as performance anxiety and setbacks.



Your gift will directly support the mental and physical needs of ANAM musicians.

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