Notes on the Page

Support the Notes on the Page appeal

The life of an ANAM musician is filled with practice and performance, and underpinning this work are the vital resources housed in the ANAM Music Library – the notes on page that become the sounds we all love. 

This treasure trove of printed music – dots and dashes that challenge and inspire, and that evoke joy, delight and heartbreak – is essential to ANAM's musicians as they learn, expand their skills and take their place as the next generation of Australian classical musicians.

Without the notes on the page and the music on the stand, ANAM's musicians have nothing to play.
To support this vital resource, ANAM has launched the Notes on the Page appeal, with a goal of raising $120,000 to furnish the library with new scores and mantain it for the years and musicians still to come.

You are invited to help us sustain this invaluable resource for now and the future by making a donation to ANAM. 


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