Keys to Success

ANAM’s pianists need to experience performing on a variety of world-class instruments to develop their adaptability and the capacity to be flexible to whatever situation they find themselves
Timothy Young ANAM Head of Piano and Chamber Music

Providing our musicians with all the tools that they need to learn and prosper is paramount to their success. One of the ways in which we do this, is to maintain a suite of instruments for them to play and be exposed to.

In 2018, ANAM is embarking on an ambitious project to replace six of our pianos over the next two years. We are doing this in part via the generous support of Yamaha Music Australia. But, we require further assistance to make this a reality so ANAM is launching our Keys to Success appeal, with the aim of raising $60,000 in support of the purchase of a Yamaha S6 Grand Piano.

This incredible handmade instrument is unique in design, philosophy and sound, and is a perfect addition to ANAM's collection of world class instruments. 

You're invited to help us in the purchase of this piano that will be instrumental in the training of ANAM’s musicians for years to come. You can buy a string, a key, an octave, a pedal or even middle C or give anything you can in support of our musicians and this fundamental part of their training.


For more information or to make your contribution, download the donation form

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