Musician Support Appeal

"Musicians health and performance support is a crucial part of the ANAM learning environment... it is in-part because of this program that I have recovered from an injury and am back at ANAM playing full-time and doing what I love, physically and technically stronger than ever before."

– ANAM Musician Feedback

At ANAM, we strive to ensure that our musicians are leaders in every aspect of music-making. This multi-faceted focus means that our students not only possess a love of creating, exploring and performing music at the highest technical level, but are also ready for the mental and physical challenges of a career as a professional.

The ANAM Musicians Health and Performance Support Program equips ANAM's musicians with the tools and strategies to strengthen their bodies and minds, and arms them with strategies to manage pain and injury and conquer performance anxiety. 

As part of the program, students participate in sessions covering nutrition, performance psychology and physiology, as well as bodywork and conditioning classes including yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates and Alexander Technique.

We invite you to help our musicians be fully equipped to be future musical leaders by making a contribution.

For more information or to make your contribution, download the DONATION FORM or 


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