2017 ANAM Fellowship

The ANAM Fellowship program is designed to provide musicians and/or ensembles of exceptional accomplishment with the opportunity to realise a specific goals in support of their musical development. The ANAM Fellowships have been developed for students for whom the structured ANAM programs may not provide the most appropriate framework in which to develop their skills.


ANAM Fellowships provide recipients with the freedom and appropriate support to progress their careers, by realising a specific project/s or musical goals.

Outcomes for Fellows:

  • Develop Fellows’ performance skills;
  • Provide Fellows’ with a broad practical experience of the profession, through developing and delivering all elements of their proposal, including all non-artistic elements.

Outcomes for ANAM:

  • Achieve outcomes for Fellows as above;
  • Engage musicians of the highest accomplishment in ANAM activity;
  • Enhance ANAM’s national reputation as a place for the development of creative work and the highest standard performance quality.


Open to pre-professional singers and instrumentalists, or to musicians currently working in the profession.

There is no academic pre-requisite to being accepted into the ANAM Fellowship Program, however applicants must be able to demonstrate appropriate skill and professional experience.

Application must be made via the appropriate form. Information to be included in the application will include:

  • Goals and objectives sought from participation in the Fellowship Program;
  • Clear articulation as to how the proposal would develop and/or extend the Fellows’ practice;
  • Details of the proposed intentions;
  • Duration of the proposal;
  • A time frame for the realisation of the proposed activity;
  • A detailed budget to realise the activity/project (if relevant)*;
  • A CV, including experience indicating applicant’s demonstrated ability to successfully deliver the proposal;
  • A 250 word biography
  • Indication of how the term as Fellow will enrich the work of their colleagues, and of ANAM.

Candidates should discuss their application with members of ANAM faculty and administration before submission. 


  • ANAM Fellowships would be awarded on the basis of:
  • Proven excellence in the discipline/instrument;
  • Proven ability to realise the proposal;
  • Quality of the proposal, including where applicable:
    • Accuracy of proposed budget;
    • The likelihood of success.

Applicants may be requested to re-work elements of their proposal and may be required to present for an audition.

ANAM is not required to grant Fellowships in any given year should projects not meet the desired criteria. 

Applications for 2017 ANAM Fellowships are closed.

Please contact Matthew Hoy, ANAM Program Manager at m.hoy@anam.com.au for general Fellowship enquiries and details on 2018 Fellowship applications.


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