ANAM/Griffith University Master of Music (Research)

The ANAM/Griffith University Master of Music (Research) is a fully accredited post-graduate degree offered through the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, open to musicians who successfully meet both ANAM and Griffith University’s entry requirements. This 18-month program is delivered at ANAM in South Melbourne, in partnership with Griffith University, and provides an intensive instrumental training program, focusing on solo, chamber and ensemble/orchestral training and performance, underpinned by research/reflective study.

Program objectives

On completion of the ANAM/Griffith University Master of Music (Research) degree, musicians:

  • will be able to demonstrate the highest technical and ensemble abilities, independence of thought, critical judgment, interpretative capabilities, and a high level of stylistic awareness in performance on their chosen instrument
  • will have developed the performance, artistic and personal skills for entry into the busy and diverse 21st century performance profession as leading solo, chamber and orchestral musicians, as outstanding teachers, as entrepreneurial musicians, and, in each and every capacity, as passionate musical advocates
  • will have developed the attributes and skills necessary to be advocates and leaders in shaping the future of the profession
  • will comprehend the importance of an energetic relationship between performer and listener, audience and community
  • will demonstrate the capacity to synthesise practical and research skills in a variety of formats including the ability to perform publicly at a high level

Program structure

To be eligible for the award of Master of Music (Research), musicians must undertake the six key areas of the ANAM Professional Performance Program (as listed on the previous page), and acquire 120 credit points from Griffith University in the subjects specified below:

7004QCM Artistic Research Preparation (20 credit points);
7100QCM Practice-Based Music Research  (20 credit points);
7179QCM_P1 Music Production and Presentation  (40 credit points);
7179QCM_P2 Music Production and Presentation (40 credit points).

*NB: Musicians can accelerate their degree by completing 7179QCM_P2 Music Production and Presentation in the Griffith University Summer Semester.

Further course information can be accessed through the program details page on Griffith University’s website, or by contacting Laura Holian, ANAM Musician Coordinator

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