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In 2021, William will be collaborating with Nicole Murphy for The ANAM Set.

Coming from a family of musicians, William (Will) Kinmont has been fortunate to have an intrinsic passion for live music fostered in him since a young age. At one time or another Will has studied every instrument that his other family members play (piano, trombone, cello and violin), but eventually the sound, musical versatility and community that are inherent to the trombone captured his heart, and have now driven him towards a career as a musician. Will started studying trombone with his father, Scott, when he was seven, and during his Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium (commenced in 2018) he studied with Nick Byrne, Ashley Carter, Nigel Crocker and Chris Harris. This is Will’s first year training at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM).

Will has been a member of the Australian Youth Orchestra since 2019, and had the opportunity to join them on their 2019 International Tour to Europe and Asia. Additionally, Will has worked as a casual musician with the Opera Australia Orchestra, and during his time in Sydney gained experience performing with a variety of professional and student ensembles, ranging from orchestras to contemporary music ensembles and big bands. In 2018, Will was invited to participate in masterclasses with Michael Mulcahy at Northwestern University in Chicago, and has also been invited to participate in multiple masterclasses in Australia.

Outside of his deep love for performing classical music, Will is also enthusiastic about composition, jazz music, and historically informed performance, and as a Christian he is particularly passionate about both performing and contributing to the incredibly expansive sacred repertoire.

Photo by Pia Johnson

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