MusiciansIsaac Davis

Isaac Davis is currently undertaking his first year at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), under the tutelage of Howard Penny. Music has always been the most significant and cherished part of his life, ever since birth.  Isaac comes from a musical family (his mother is a pianist, and sister a violinist); he was given a cello at the age of six, and within a few months, playing it was his favourite thing to do. Nothing has changed in this respect since – performing, listening to, and analysing music gives Isaac joy, comfort and purpose.

Isaac attended the Conservatorium High School in Sydney, where his passion flourished more and more each year. After graduating, he furthered his studies at the Sydney Conservatorium, partially completing his Bachelor of Music. Isaac credits his previous teachers, Boris Suraev and Julian Smiles, for providing him a wholistic music education, allowing him to tackle almost any problem he faces in his musical training.

Isaac’s open in terms of his career – he would be beyond thrilled to work with an Australian orchestra, but feels that he would be content as long as he is working in a musical environment where he is stimulated, and simultaneously learning and teaching beside his my colleagues.

Isaac’s repertoire interests fluctuate regularly, but his most consistent interest has been with French impressionism, Russian 20th century music, and solo stringed baroque music. His hobbies outside of music include chess and weightlifting.

 Photo credit Pia Johnson 

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