2018 Musicians & FellowsMana Ohashi

Beginning her studies at the age of three, Mana was truly delighted when she graduated from a cardboard box and stick to a violin and bow made of real wood. 

While still in Primary school, Mana began attending the ANAM Young Academy where, whilst being exposed to fantastic music, she could be found hiding from her theory teacher, climbing the clock tower, causing havoc and playing some chamber music with 2016 ANAM Fellow Laurence Matheson. 10 years later, Mana is very excited to be back in the wonderful South Melbourne Town Hall, learning from Robin Wilson in her second year at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) with very little time to play hide and seek.

Mana plays and performs actively in and beyond the Melbourne community and enjoys playing in varying performance scenes for different audiences. Most of all, she loves to make music with her peers and friends and has many fond memories from her participation in various programs such as the Australian Youth Orchestra, ACO Academy and Melbourne Youth Orchestra. Mana has also appeared as a soloist numerous times, as a finalist in the Bach Competition, a Top Class VCE performer, and in performances of Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy and Vivaldi’s Summer with orchestra at the Melbourne Recital Centre and the BMW Edge respectively.

At the core of her passion for music, Mana holds a strong belief that having access to beautiful music is a basic right for every human and particularly every child in the world, and hopes to one day use her music to open up the worlds and minds of young children in under-developed countries. 

Some of Mana’s highlights from her 2016 engagements include the forming of the Matelan Quartet, playing in the Up Your Alley Music Festival, learning and performing the Schubert String Quintet and becoming a member of the FIRE Chamber Orchestra.

2017 will no doubt be another busy and exciting year for Mana at ANAM and she is very much looking forward to it.

Student Beneficiary Support generously provided by ANAMsyndicate – Beleura – The Tallis Foundation, Jannie Brown, Arnis Dzedins, Lyndsey Hawkins, Judith Middleton, Cherilyn Tillman and Tam Vu

Image by Pia Johnson

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