2019 MusiciansRuby Shirres

At the age of eight, Ruby was given the choice of learning violin, viola or cello. She decided to dedicate herself to the viola because she was curious, not knowing what the instrument was. It turns out that this choice was the one that changed her life, and she has loved being snuggled in the middle ever since.  

Inspired by working in intensive programs with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Australian Youth Orchestra, Ruby has developed a sincere love of ensemble playing, both orchestral and chamber. Her first year at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) broadened Ruby's concept of the possibilities of music on a personal and wider level, as a means of social change, growth and education. 

To extend herself musically, Ruby picked up violin, cello and double bass at school in addition to her studies on viola. In her spare time she enjoys taking photos, as much for the process and the experience of seeing the world through a lens, as for the final image. Having also been on exchange to France, Ruby loves the French language and has developed a taste for good cheese.

Ruby plays a Sato-Goodsell viola loaned to ANAM by the maker

Musician Beneficiary Support generously provided by ANAMsyndicate - Barry and Joan Miskin, Elise Callander, Kingsley Gee, Rosalind Price, Merilyn and David Howorth, Lesley Milburn, Tudor Bostock

Photo by Pia Johnson

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