2018 MusiciansMaraika Smit

Whilst attending her local high school in Tasmania, Maraika was told the Horn was ‘too difficult’ and was given a trombone to play for a year before finally switching to the horn at the age of 14.

She first encountered the horn whilst attending one of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s children’s concerts at the age of 11. Although determined to not enjoy this so-called 'boring' school excursion, she was intrigued by the Orchestra and specifically remembered the horn. Little did she know that ten years after this experience she would actually play with the TSO and even perform as a soloist in a similar children's concert after winning the 2017 TSO’s Rising Star competition. Her other memorable experiences include being involved with the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute, Australian Youth Orchestra programs, The Discovery Orchestra and Hobart Chamber Orchestra.

In 2017 she completed her Bachelor of Music at the University of Tasmania where she studied with Roger Jackson and Geoff Lierse however in 2018 she moved to Melbourne to study at ANAM. Maraika is incredibly excited to play music with other passionate musicians and looks forward to learning from the great array of faculty and guest artists involved with ANAM.

Image by Pia Johnson

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