2019 MusiciansJennifer Yu

Brisbane-born Jennifer Yu is a pianist who strives to make a real, positive difference for people, with music.

She recently graduated from the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music and first-class honours on full scholarship, studying with pianists Shan Deng and Dr. Arabella Teniswood-Harvey. She also has a Licentiate Diploma in piano performance from the Australian Music Examinations Board.

Jennifer has a particular interest in contemporary classical repertoire and relishes playing music with others. From 2013-16, Jennifer played orchestral keyboard as a part of the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute (AISOI). Jennifer is currently in her second year of performance training with pianist Timothy Young at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), focusing on playing in a way that is most sustainable and healthy for the body. In 2018 she received valuable training from ANAM guest artists such as Roy Howat, Steven Osborne and Stephen McIntyre.

Outside of music, Jennifer is passionate about several social and environmental issues. She enjoys plant-based cooking, learning languages, volunteering and exploring new places.


“I also like to play the flute for fun when I am with friends or for busking. The instrument is more portable, and has the different social dynamics. I am looking forward to being a musician is connected to the people and the surrounding communities."

Musician Beneficiary Support generously provided by ANAMsyndicate – Beleura - The Tallis Foundation, Estelle Redlich

Photo by Pia Johnson

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