2018 MusiciansGiovanni Vinci

Giovanni began learning the double bass at a young age and along the way has been mentored by West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) Double Bassists, Andrew Sinclair (Principal) and Christine Reitzenstein. The year of 2017 saw Giovanni embark on a journey to the east coast to continue his musical journey under the tutelage of Damien Eckersley at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM).  

In 2015, Giovanni graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours. His time at WAAPA saw him heavily involved in all facets of performance. In 2012, Giovanni was selected to perform in the Performing Arts Perspectives at His Majesty's Theatre for being one of the highest achievers in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) music practical examinations.

Giovanni is a prominent double bass freelancer at his home in Perth, regularly performing as a casual musician with West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the WA Philharmonic, and the Perth Symphony Orchestra. He has been an active member of the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) programs since 2011, and has served many years in the West Australian Youth Orchestra (WAYO) where he was Principal Double Bass 2013-2015. As of 2017, he commenced work as a casual musician with Orchestra Victoria.

Giovanni hopes his time at ANAM will assist in him in broadening his capabilities as a person and musician, gaining a deeper respect for a wider range of music genres and styles. He is looking forward to collaborating and performing with his friends and associates at ANAM. 

Aside from playing, practising and performing, Giovanni is a banana bread enthusiast who very much enjoys to bake, and loves a good homemade apple crumble. He finds baking very therapeutic and a good way to de-stress.

Student Beneficiary Support provided by Geoffrey Clarke

Image by Pia Johnson

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