2019 MusiciansEdward Wang

Edward Wang is a Melbourne-based oboist who started learning the oboe immediately after being captivated by its unique sound. When he was offered the chance to choose a musical instrument, Edward was intrigued by the oboe’s use of a double reed and how an individual reed sounded so different from the complete instrument. Soon after making his decision, he started oboe lessons when he was 11 with Anne Gilby. 

In 2012, Edward received a Premier's Prize for his VCE studies in Music Performance on oboe. From 2014-2017, he studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, where he graduated with First Class Honours and was the recipient of a University of Sydney entry scholarship and the Elizabethan Ladies Trust Fund scholarship.   

In 2016, Edward joined the Australian Youth Orchestra on their 16th International European and China tour, and performed as Principal Oboist from 2017-2018. Currently, Edward is training at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) with Jeff Crellin. 

Edward's passion for musical genres outside the classical world has led to exploration and collaborations in the contemporary classical sphere. As both performer and collaborator, he has premiered several works of young Australian composers. Although Edward is primarily a performer, his interest in the development of contemporary popular music led him to write a dissertation about an eccentric electronic music genre called ‘vaporwave’.  

This year, Edward looks forward to training and performing alongside the incredible musicians at ANAM, future collaborations with local composers and artists, and the eclectic variety of concerts that Melbourne has to offer.

Photo by Pia Johnson

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