MusiciansCaroline Renn

After a decade of playing piano, Caroline decided that one cumbersome instrument wasn't enough and began studying double bass with David Potts at the age of 15. In her earlier years on double bass, she participated in The Arts Unit, Sydney and Australian Youth Orchestra programs in addition to her high school ensembles.

Caroline has recently completed a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she was offered the Valerie Anderson Scholarship and the Joan and James Armstrong Award. Whilst at the Sydney Conservatorium, she studied with Alex Henery, and held principal positions in the Conservatorium’s Symphony and Chamber Orchestras. She also participated in the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute and ensembles such as the Metropolitan Orchestra and the Musician Project.

Caroline is currently a casual musician with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria and Canberra Symphony Orchestra, and has previously performed with the Auckland Philharmonia, Western Australian and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras alongside ANAM musicians. In the last few years, Caroline has also enjoyed an unexpectedly extensive teaching career in double bass and piano for The Arts Unit, Sydney Youth Orchestra and other such ensembles, as well as a dozen secondary and private music schools across Sydney.

Caroline is looking forward to continuing her training with MSO double bassist Damien Eckersley at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) in 2020.

Musician Beneficiary Support generously provided by ANAMsyndicate – Elizabeth and Ron Rosanove

Photo by Pia Johnson

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