Trusts & Foundations

A number of charitable trusts and foundations are partnering with ANAM to extend the scope and ambition of our program, and enable ANAM's musicians to participate fully in the busy schedule of inspiring performance training opportunities.

Bokhara Foundation – The Georgina Grosvenor Scholarship
The Georgina Grosvenor Scholarship is offered each year to provide a viola student of outstanding ability with rental and living support so that they may maximise the time that they have available to devote to practice and refining their musical skills. 

Bowness Family Foundation – Simone Young Residency
Support from the Bowness Family Foundation is allowing ANAM musicians the rare opportunity to work with Simone Young to undertake an intensive week of orchestral workshops in December 2016, focusing on a variety of composers and styles.

Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation
Support from the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation will assist ANAM in the servicing of the ANAM Associated Artists program, which provides ANAM musicians with access to incredible professional pianists in their practice and performance of solo and chamber repertoire. 

Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation - International Artists Residency Program
Support from the Gross Foundation has allowed ANAM to continue to engage with the most talented and inspiring artists and pedagogues from around the world and bring them to Melbourne to work with our talented musicians. 

Hugh DT Williamson Foundation – ANAM Percussion Studio
Support from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation over three years has enabled ANAM to outfit our percussion studio - established in 2013 - with the highest quality and best array of percussive instruments to be found in any training institution in Australia. This allows our students to train on instruments of the calibre that they will encounter in the professional world, and better prepares them for their musical careers.

Newsboys Foundation - Community ANAMates
The Newsboys Foundation is allowing ANAM to partner with Anglicare, Western Chances, Melbourne Youth Orchestra and West Melbourne Schools Orchestra to increase access to concerts and masterclasses for disadvantaged secondary students. 

Robert Salzer Foundation – Giving Voice
The Robert Salzer Foundation has joined with ANAM to support the ANAM's Choir program. Undertaken by all ANAM musicians, they work under the leadership of Richard Gill AO to expand their musical knowledge and understanding through voice.

Simon Lee Foundation and Klein Family Foundation – Student Support
Contributions from the Simon Lee Foundation (based in Western Australia) and the Klein Family Foundation (based in South Australia) are directly supporting ANAM students as they engage in our intensive professional performance training program. 

Australian Communities Foundation
Support from sub-funds of the Australian Communites Foundation has been used to support ANAM's programs and music training. 

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